Cosmetic Surgery is a Big Boon to Humans

Cosmetic or aesthetic surgery is a big boon to humans who are very beauty conscious of all the Fauna. The Flora, Fauna and Humans are all resplendent and dazzling in their own ways. Apart from the beauty of the body the importance of facial beauty is even more pronounced for humans especially between the opposite sex relationships.

Plastic surgery is a medical specialty related and concerned with the correction or restoration of form or function. Apart from a real need for such a correction the major driving force behind the use of plastic surgery is enhancement or maintenance of beauty which a very subtle natural phenomenon. Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder – so it is a feeling linked to the intangible. Still with advances in mathematics and all the vast theories associated with it, beauty or aesthetics is linked directly to symmetry of shape and uniformity. A well chiseled symmetric nose is an asset for a boy or a girl.

With all the advances in genetics and grafting it is easier for doctors today to control the joining and blending of foreign tissues. To change the shape of a bone or the texture of skin is more and more possible. That is why people have even started thinking of changing the pertness of their noses these days. Some celebrities like for example Michael Jackson have been known to be obsessed with the aesthetics of the nose. In his particular case it was a bit far-fetched and over done.

The nose is a central organ and hence the most important part of the face both functionally and lookwise. It is amusing and amazing to see how the nose lends gravity and handsomeness to a face. It is no point being obsessed too strongly by something but some people are too sensitive to the beauty of the face and the nose.

After the nose each part of the face including the lips is an integral contributor to the overall beauty. But next to the face the most attention has been given to the female breasts as it is a very important sexual organ to which men are very sensitive. So women also look forward to maintain and enhance the beauty of their poitrine to be more attractive to the opposite sex. The shape and form of the breasts is a very common subject in plastic surgery. Their enlargement or reduction or uplifting are some of the very common subjects.

Next the beauty exists in each nook and cranny of the human body or for that matter any natural or artificial creation. So plastic surgery also is a vast science and field with the surgeons having lot of choices to specialize in. Today with the advances in customer relationships the plastic surgeons strive more than ever before to enhance the total experience of their patients by making clinics with outstanding and unmatched ambiances.

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